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How to Choose The Best Commercial Electricians or Contractors

Updated: Jun 28

In our modern world, maintaining top-notch electrical systems is essential for any commercial space. Whether you`re setting up a new office, renovating an existing space, or encountering electrical issues that need fixing, choosing the right commercial electrician or contractor is crucial. But with so many options out there, how do you make the best choice? 

Well, we've got you covered with some easy-to-follow tips to help you shine a light on the perfect electrical partner for your business.

Qualified and EWRB Approved

When it comes to entrusting someone with the electrical needs of your commercial space, nothing beats the peace of mind that comes with knowing they're properly qualified. Hence, the first thing is to look for qualified electricians in NZ or contractors who have the right training and expertise for the job. Looking for credentials such as licenses, bonds, and insurance is pivotal and will give you a better picture. So, let's break it down a bit:


Think of a license as a seal of approval from the authorities. In New Zealand, electricians are required to obtain a license from the Electrical Workers Registration Board (EWRB), a government-appointed body responsible for regulating the electrical industry. This licensing process ensures that electricians have the necessary knowledge, skills, and experience to perform electrical work safely and effectively.


Bonds are like a safety net for the client. It provides you with financial protection in case something goes wrong during the project. Let's say the electrician accidentally damages your property while working on the wiring. With a bond in place, you can file a claim to cover the cost of repairs or replacements. 


Last but certainly not least, insurance is non-negotiable. It protects both you and the electrician in case of accidents, injuries, or property damage. For example, if a worker gets injured on the job, their insurance will cover their medical expenses. Likewise, if your property suffers damage due to electrical work, the electrician's insurance cover for repairs.

Experience Matters

Experience is like the secret ingredient that makes all the difference when it comes to commercial electrical work. Whether they've tackled office buildings, retail spaces, or industrial complexes, their past electrical projects have equipped them with valuable insights that can make all the difference for your project. So, why does experience speak volumes in the world of commercial electrical work? Let's break it down:

Specialised Knowledge

Different types of commercial spaces have unique electrical requirements. For example, what works for an office building may not necessarily be suitable for a retail store or an industrial facility. Experienced Kiwi electricians understand these nuances and have the specialised knowledge needed to tailor their approach to your specific needs.

Proven Track Record

One of the best ways to gauge an electrician's competence is by looking at their track record. When you choose an electrician with a solid history of successful projects similar to yours, you can rest assured that they have the skills and expertise to get the job done right. 

Problem-Solving Skills

Electrical work isn't always straightforward. Sometimes, unexpected challenges arise that require quick thinking and creative solutions. This is where experienced electricians have the upper hand. They have honed their problem-solving skills over years of hands-on experience, allowing them to tackle even the most complex issues.

Adaptability and Flexibility

When it comes to commercial projects, looking for electricians who aren't afraid to pivot and make necessary changes when the unexpected arises is important. Whether it's accommodating last-minute changes, or finding creative solutions to challenges, flexibility is key. The best electricians go above and beyond, willing to put in the extra effort to ensure your project stays on track, no matter what curveballs come their way.

Adaptability is equally crucial. In the ever-evolving world of commercial projects, things can change in the blink of an eye. Hence, choosing professionals who can adjust their approach seamlessly as required is pivotal. With flexible and adaptable electricians on your team, you can tackle even the most complex projects with confidence and ease.

Value for Money

Value for money is the name of the game. It's about getting the most out of your investment by striking the perfect balance between cost and quality. While it might be tempting to go with the lowest bidder, be cautious. A suspiciously low quote could be a red flag for average work or sneaky hidden costs down the line. Instead, do your homework and compare quotes from multiple providers. By doing your due diligence, you'll get a clearer picture of what you're paying for and avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Investing in a reputable electrician upfront might seem like a bit more of a splurge, but it's worth it in the long run. Quality workmanship means fewer headaches down the line, saving you time, money, and a whole lot of stress. So, don't just focus on the bottom line—consider the bigger picture. By prioritising quality, reliability, and affordability, you'll ensure that your project is a success from start to finish.

Continued Support and Maintenance

The journey doesn't end once the project is finished, it's just the beginning of a long-term relationship with your electrical partner. That's why it's crucial to associate yourself with electricians who offer continued support and maintenance services. Establishing a long-term relationship with your provider offers more than just peace of mind, it's like having a safety net in place for your business. By partnering with a provider who offers ongoing support, you can stay ahead of potential issues, identify areas for improvement, and make informed decisions about the future of your electrical infrastructure.


If you are looking for commercial electricians for your next project, look no further than Rankins. We have the most reliable team of electricians in Auckland with over 80 years of experience, ensuring top-notch service and reliability. Our commercial services include office electrical fit-outs, commercial property fit-outs, general power design, lighting design, and switchboard upgrades. Get in touch with us and don`t settle for anything less!


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