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Residential Electricians

The Rankin McManus team of skilled electricians in Auckland is here to take care of your home’s electrical needs.


From routine maintenance to emergency repairs, we specialise in providing reliable and professional services for houses, apartments, and condos. Whether it’s a big project or a small task, Rankin McMacnus is dedicated to providing professional and reliable services. 

How can we help you?

We prioritise our customers, working closely with you to ensure that every job is completed safely and efficiently. Rest assured, when we finish, your home will be left clean and tidy. Your only sign that we have been there would be a job well done. 

Lighting Design 

We can help you create a design plan for the lighting systems in your home and install them according to your preferences.

Bathroom Electrical Repairs

Bathroom issues ranging from fixtures to fans, heaters, and towel rails, will be dealt with to ensure optimal functionality and safety.

Home Automation

Our experts in automation and data network installation will work with you to create a smarter home and integrate cutting-edge technology that will make your life more convenient and efficient.


We will provide support for any form of home renovations, whether they are extensive or minor projects.

General Household Repairs

Any issues that you might be facing with general household items will be addressed in your home.

EV Chargers

We can install Electric Vehicle charging kits, either inside or outside your home with the help of our experts.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What brands can you provide services for?

We provide support for brands like Panasonic, Magimix, KitchenAid, Sunbeam, DeLonghi, Breville, Dualit, Jenar, Kenwood, Legrand and more! 

2. What are your office hours for inquiries and assistance?

Our office is open from Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm. You can reach out to us during these hours for any inquiries, orders, or service requests.


3. How long has Rankin McManus Electrical been serving customers in New Zealand?

Rankin McManus Electrical has been proudly serving customers in New Zealand for over 15 years as the New Zealand service agent for LauraStar and the Master Spare Parts Distributor for Robot Coupe equipment.


4.  What types of residential spaces do you provide electrical services for?

Rankin McManus offers electrical services for various residential spaces, including houses, apartments, and condos. Our experienced team of residential electricians is dedicated to delivering top-notch services across these spaces.


5. What services does Rankin McManus offer for residential electrical needs?

Rankins McManus provides a range of services, including lighting design, bathroom electrical repairs, home automation, renovations, general household repairs, and EV charger installations. 


6. How can Rankin McManus assist with lighting in homes?

Our team offers comprehensive support in designing and installing lighting systems to enhance the aesthetics, functionality, and energy efficiency of your home. 


7. What services do you offer property managers and landlords?

We facilitate the organization of electrical servicing and maintenance, manage the entire work order process, and keep the property managers and landlords informed throughout the process. 


8. Can you handle general household repairs? 

Absolutely. Our team not only offers repairs for various general household items but we also offer to do it on site! This will make sure that any repairs will be done swiftly and efficiently and can be checked on immediately. 


9. What bathroom electrical repairs do you offer?

We specialise in repairing bathroom fixtures such as extraction fans, heaters, and towel rails.


10. Do you offer any special pricing or discounts for bulk orders?

For information on special pricing, bulk orders, or any ongoing promotions, please contact us directly at 0800 726 546, and our team will be happy to assist you.


11. How can I get in touch with Rankin McManus Electrical for further inquiries or assistance?

You can reach us by phone at 0800 726 546 or email us at We are here to help with any questions or assistance you may need.

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Property Managers And Landlords, We Can Help You!​

Rankin McManus makes the process of organising electrical servicing and maintenance much easier and smoother. We handle all facets of the world order process on your behalf. 
Our certified electricians carry out tasks according to your instructions and make sure to keep you in the loop throughout the whole process. We also make sure to provide you with the invoices promptly. 
Rankin McManus Electrical is your trusted partner. Contact us today, and experience the difference of working with New Zealand's most reliable electrical service provider. 
Call the Rankin McManus Electrical team! 

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