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Essential Steps for Electrical Services Before Getting Professional Help


Whether you’re a homeowner or in charge of a workplace or even a large industry, you will likely encounter issues with your respective electrical system. The underlying problem might be insignificant or complex, and the extent of electrical repair services needed to fix it will vary in each case. Regardless of the setup and the issue, there are several things to be done before professional help arrives. 

Getting electrical systems repaired is crucial to maintaining the seamless operation of your workplace or the basic safety of your family at home. Answering some questions beforehand can make life easier for both you and the professional electrician you have hired to do the job. As Auckland’s premier electrical service provider, Rankin McManus Electrical will guide you through these essential steps to take before getting qualified electricians to help.

Evident signs to look out for

Before understanding the problem in detail, it is important to properly identify what exactly the problem is, or at least where it’s coming from and what’s causing it. You either see signs of trouble on their own or you might spot them when electrical preventive maintenance is going on. Here are some common signs to look out for in any electrical installation.


While it’s normal for appliances to heat up with extensive usage, there is an acceptable limit for it. Moreover, this threshold does not apply to electrical outlets. If any outlets are hot, stop using them and reach out to a qualified electrician near you right away. 


This is an extension of the overarching heating issue from before. All of us are instinctively trained to keep our noses sharp to identify any burning smells. A fishy smell could also be a sign of an electrical problem. Some refer to this smell even as urine or a burning rubber smell.  The most likely culprit for this is an appliance. 

This could mean that there is something electrical in the room that is overheating and melting its insulating plastic or rubber. This is a major issue and requires immediate attention, as it can even lead to a fire.


The most noticeable sign of an issue with any lighting installation is flickering or buzzing. This hints at prevalent issues with your overall residential electrical system, like faulty wiring and it comes with a relatively quick fix.

Making note of the problem

Before professional electricians arrive, it’s important to make a proper note of what your household or industrial electrical system’s problems are. This doesn’t have to be too technical, and all you need to do is be clear and straightforward with your instructions. If the team of qualified electricians don’t have an immediate idea of what the issue is, the overall process will be inefficient and time-consuming. 

Write down your problems, and make a note of how frequent or serious they are. This can go a long way in helping the pros do what they were hired to do. Specify things like whether the issue is with your system alone or with any neighbouring buildings. Be sure to inform the electrician about any special needs or things to know before they begin work.

Some Dos and Don’ts

What you shouldn’t do

Handling electrical installations is no child’s play, and a great deal of caution is required. It can be tempting to roll up your sleeves and fix the problem yourself. However, we remind you that it’s extremely dangerous and only qualified electrical service providers should interact with wiring, installations, equipment, and appliances. Tampering with electrical systems can damage them even further and have dire consequences for your life. 

What you can do by yourself

Keeping in mind that you should avoid direct contact with electrical systems without the right tools or training, you can still troubleshoot some problems from a safe distance. For example, when you spot a flickering light, it’s likely that the bulb is just old and needs to be replaced. Or a heating issue could arise from one particular appliance and not the whole system. In these situations, the solutions are pretty straightforward, like replacing the bulbs or opting for a small appliance repair service. 

Things to do before help arrives

Before the designated electrical service provider arrives at your location to begin working, there are some boxes to be checked in terms of keeping things ready for them, apart from noting down the problems.

Preparing the place

This is purely a logistical measure to set up your household, commercial, or industrial workplace right before the electricians start working. Clearing up the space from unwanted items, pushing furniture aside and protecting fragile and valuable items is a helpful move. Any obstruction to electrical panels or setups should be cleared right away. 

Safety checks

As mentioned earlier, dealing with electricity requires maximum caution and that doesn’t just apply to civilians. Professional electricians might have decades of experience, but they are new to your space and its limitations. Ensuring the safety of your surroundings is your duty as a consumer. This includes taking precautions to eliminate water leaks near electrical sources or keeping inflammable materials as far away as possible. 

Planning ahead

As a rational consumer, you can make the best use of your electrical service by figuring out your future electrical needs. Even if there is a concern that is unrelated to the bigger issue at hand, you can still discuss it with your electrician when they have enough time left after the service. This could be related to installing new wiring or changing the layout of the system. 


With this definitive checklist in hand, it’s almost impossible to go wrong while preparing for your next professional electrical service. But there is one question that we’ve left that could make or break your experience – who should you call? Hiring licenced electricians with a solid reputation is a non-negotiable and Rankin McManus Electrical has got you covered with a team of reliable electricians across Auckland. Get in touch with us now and find the best technicians working for New Zealand’s most trusted electrical service provider.


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